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Releases that have been launched are detailed here. Click on an individual release to view a list of what the release includes.


Release date: 15 April 2016

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Do not allow duplicates in event invite 
  • When uploading a new document during attachment to an event it now automatically links to the event after it's uploaded 
  • Improve caching of timeline navigation to make the filter aggregate numbers update more reliably
  • Added "Clear cache" to settings page in case of emergency
  • When viewing the timeline of someone else: private documents now have explanatory text on them to indicate why they are not visible
  • Update the status text on an event when a brand new user has submitted their response and is waiting for approval
  • Registration for new users: remove number validation for AHP number 
  • Registration for new users: remove number validation for NMC number 
  • Registration for new users: move any form error messages to the top of the form so users are clear why they cannot proceed
  • Simple web forms: selecting a dropdown with a dependent field now reloads the page to the same point rather than taking the user back to the top


Release date: 14 April 2016

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Updated wording for All Events page to make it clearer as to what information is being displayed
  • Restrict blueprints on timelines to only display what should be displayed as part of your assigned relations
  • Do not display empty navigation on all timelines 
  • Remove the button to re-submit a processing event because it was introducing errors when clicked unnecessarily 


Release date: 12 April 2016

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Make sure created time is accurate when bulk creating events (for example MSF)
  • Fixed aggregate numbers of the timeline filters to display the correct numbers of events
  • Documents: fixed a bug where a public folder was incorrectly labelled as private when viewing someone else's document library
  • Add two URLs into email invitations: one to quickly fill in the event section with the simple web form, and the other to be taken directly into the event inside Kaizen


Release date: 11 April 2016


  • Simple Web Forms

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    Recipients of all form invitations click on the link in their email to be taken directly to a simple web form which they can complete using any browser. The results are fed back into Kaizen and the user is given the option of returning to the login page to continue, or simply closing the tab. Users are not asked to authenticate if they use this quick fill in method but we still capture who they are from the unique token that is sent to each email address.

  • Private/Public Events

    This provides administrators with the ability to set per event type whether that event should default to be publicly visible or private when added onto a timeline. By being set to public it will be visible to all users with permissions to view that user's timeline. Private will mean that only the user who owns the event will ever be able to see it. Additionally there is also the functionality to set whether the owner of the event can change the visibility after it has been completed.

  • MSF (Multi-Source Feedback)


    To allow for a section of an Event Type to be sent on to multiple people to fill out. Responses can then be consolidated and all printed within the same Event, and reported on. Once the required number of responses is reached then the section must be closed in order to advance to the next section. Multi source feedback is enabled with a setting on an individual section inside an event type called 'This section can be filled by more than one person'. This then provides options to customise the experience: Minimum submissions (mandatory) - this represents the number of users which must submit responses to this section in order for it to be able to be closed and advanced onto the next section. Maximum submissions (optional) - only this many users may respond to this section. Anyone trying to submit a response once this number has been reached will not be able to. Auto publish threshold (optional) - when the number of users who have submitted responses reaches this number the event is automatically closed. If there is a following section to be completed that requires a user to be invited then this must be set manually after closing. If there is no following section then the event is automatically marked as complete.

  • Bulk assigning tags


    Give the user the power to bulk assign tags from the timeline to any of their events.

  • Tagging Documents with Blueprints

    To feature documents that are uploaded directly to the library on the timeline. Tags can then be applied directly to these events on the timeline and will be pulled through onto the individual documents within the library.

  • Event Types Sections set as editable or not

    To allow certain users/roles to edit just the sections that they completed in the form workflow.

Further bug fixes and improvements

  • Speed improvements to form views
  • Speed improvements to loading of dashboard widgets
  • Speed improvements to loading of timeline after first initial login
  • Spelling fix of 'occurred' on timeline view
  • Display both Start Date and Created Date on timeline by default on all events
  • Enable 'fill in on same device' toggle only if the following section is not multi source 
  • Added warning when turning off 'fill in on same device' toggle if data has been entered into that following section already 
  • Event preview synced with normal view to eliminate duplicates appearing
  • Hide completed to dos from the to do list so that only incomplete/overdue are now displayed there
  • Added experimental optimise data settings [BETA]
  • Hide deleted documents from the timeline and discount any tags which were applied to that event
  • Hide search form on timeline navigation tree (to be replaced in future with global text search that will search the entire timeline)
  • Loading of timeline is chronological - fixes issue where events appeared to be shown out of order
  • Simple forms - remove redirection to the old browser landing page when clicking on an email invitation link using IE8
  • Updated permissions for deleting of comments so that users with given permissions can now delete all comments across the application
  • Fixed new user reviewing if there are multiple events pending review
  • Fix date picker input triggering on swipes - fixes issue on mobile devices where the calendar popup would display unexpectedly when scrolling
  • Fix cursor when hovering over top link with no sublinks in header menu
  • Renamed Todos to 'To do list"
  • Empty to do list wording changed 
  • Added loading indicator on pressing invite
  • Add Blueprint-dependent tag counts on the timeline 
  • Add UI for blueprint settings - whether to display on timelines or not, and to display percentage or a simple count of the number of tags
  • Preserve the tree location when switching between bulk tagging and regular filtering views
  • Change button text to 'Show events' on the navigation tree 
  • Add info message to the top of the Dropzone to better describe the process for uploading documents