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Releases that have been launched are detailed here. Click on an individual release to view a list of what the release includes.


Release date: 17 January 2018


Bug fixes and improvements

  • Allow editing of encrypted responses
  • Remove permission which allows users access to their to do list. This enables all users to view invitations that are waiting for them without the need for a permission
  • Prevent system events from being edited by anyone
  • Make username field not have first letter capitalised on iOS


Release date: 20 October 2017


Bug fixes and improvements

  • New email invitations
  • New quick fill forms for responding to an invitation direct from an email
  • New pending sections area to approve/reject/edit responses
  • Event types and report templates can now be duplicated. This opens a brand new draft with all the same content ready to be edited
  • Events can now be edited per section rather than overall. The 'edit' button therefore appears when viewing the event and not directly on the timeline
  • Saved drafts now appear both on your own timeline and the timeline of the person for whom you are creating for
  • New and improved document area
  • Relation information shown in profile tiles now links directly to the event which created it
  • Invitations can now be rejected directly from your to do list
  • New 'my connections' tile to display other users you can view
  • New 'text' tile to display formatted text and embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • When viewing other peoples' goals we now display whether any events are private or have been deleted since they were linked
  • Experimental and offline settings have now been removed. These will be added back in for the next major release.
  • Timeline data loads first before advanced search to speed up loading
  • Improve detail of error outputs when uploading CSV of responses
  • New role 'organisation admin' which can be assigned to users needing full administration permissions for your organisation
  • Kaizen logo is now clickable to quickly return to the dashboard
  • Improved event workflows to increase reliability and speed of sending invitations
  • New audit log styles to improve legibility
  • When viewing events any empty fields are not displayed
  • New login screen to 


Release date: 10 August 2017

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Increased the limit on the number of rows of an embedded report that can be stored within an event from 50 to 500
  • Removed the option to customisable blueprints within event types
  • Fix a problem which was causing blueprints from not loading when filling in event sections for someone else
  • Hide non-taggable blueprints from the timeline advanced search 


Release date: 26 May 2017

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a problem that was causing an empty to do list to not load properly
  • Fixed a problem which was causing an option called 'any' to be added to dropdown lists as a selection option
  • Fixed a problem which was causing reports set as dependent fields to not allow you to submit the event
  • Fixed a problem causing the tear off page to appear empty


Release date: 10 May 2017



  • Improve goal layout to include information on whether it has been closed or not
  • Improve layout and styles of event previews 
  • Improve layout of the file browser when attaching files to events
  • Report description is always shown to end users running the report
  • Improve the layout of the a report input fields
  • Dashboards can now be edited for the whole organisation
  • Added order by created date on users list 
  • Reports can now be featured as tiles on the dashboard
  • Added manage timelines feature to set which events appear in which timeline category
  • Add Inbox dashboard tile in order to show announcements to users
  • Multiple blueprints can now be selected when restricting by relation
  • Add search to bulk tagging 
  • Add WYSIWYG editor 
  • Add blueprint coverage dashboard tile
  • Add new profile dashboard tile to show current, previous and future information
  • New profile and summary page for each user 
  • Columns are now scrolled independently when viewing coverage
  • Blueprint coverages are now featured in the reports dropdown
  • Blueprints can now be set as taggable by everyone, no-one or only those who are restricted by relation


Release date: 3 April 2017

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a problem which was preventing users who have rejected an invitation from being invited again
  • Fixed a problem which was preventing users from deleting obsolete invitations 
  • Fixed a problem preventing some fields from displaying by default on the timeline 
  • Fixed a problem which was causing an error to show when tagging an event from the edit interface


Release date: 6 March 2017

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a problem causing goals to not be removed when the event containing them is deleted 
  • Goals can now be re-opened provided that the section containing them was the final section in the event workflow
  • Tags can now be added from the edit screen of events
  • Closing and re-opening sections now keep you in place on the event itself rather than redirecting away to the timeline
  • Fixed a problem that was causing blueprints setup as a discrete field to be shown as a hierarchy on the events themselves


Release date: 8 February 2017

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a problem causing the document breadcrumbs to appear twice.
  • Fixed the sorting of files in the documents area. The folders are now listed first followed by individual files in alphanumeric order.
  • Added user fields as options when building report templates.


Release date: 25 January 2017


Bug fixes and improvements

  • New tree style layout for tags. This allows the levels to be expanded in place rather than navigating down and up through the individual levels.
  • Re-styled widget on the dashboard to allow quick creation of new events. If you have permissions to create for other people then you will see the option to search for the person you wish to create for directly on the dashboard itself. This saves having to navigate to the users list and add a new event from there.
  • Start date and end date selectors when creating new events are now separate again.
  • User fields can now be set to be locked. This prevents users from changing the value assigned in that field even if they can edit their own profile.
  • User fields can now be set to appear on the users list against each record and are all searchable.
  • Speed improvements to using advanced search.
  • New option to select 'anonymous external user' within event types to gather feedback anonymously. 
  • New administration area for approving/rejecting anonymous responses.
  • New import CSV option for uploading anonymous responses.
  • Improvements to event type searching on timelines. All event types will now be displayed in the resulting pop up if searching within a timeline category so that you know which events are contained there.
  • When creating Likert fields in event types the values can now be left empty if you wish to exclude that response from reporting. 


Release date: 1 December 2016

Bug fixes and improvements

  • If you have permissions to edit an event you are now able to change the start date and end date 
  • Fixed an issue with the relations and blueprints popup appearing blank within the report generator
  • Fixed an issue preventing events from being edited due to new goal links sidebar card
  • Fixed coverage report filter not showing