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Releases that have been launched are detailed here. Click on an individual release to view a list of what the release includes.


Release date: 19 January 2021


  • Better representation of paragraphs and spacing when using the free text editor 
  • Added the capability to show more than 10 goals when displayed as a featured field on the timeline


Bug fixes

  • Goals could not be force closed by anyone other than organisation admins
  • Duplicate errors were not displaying on the CSV import results pages
  • Fill in on same device could sometimes not display when the subsequent section was skipped
  • Events were not linking to targets when the target linking filter was requiring a 'complete' state and the event had more than a single section
  • Relations created for a future date were not being applied correctly when the start date was reached


Release date: 14 December 2020



  • New likert blueprint type
  • New login credential output property within user reports
  • New system wide Inter typeface 
  • New ability to restrict to which domains external invitations can be sent

Bug fixes

  • Hidden responses can now be retrieved through reports and the API if the actor has the relevant permissions


Release date: 2 August 2020



  • User fields can be reordered to dictate which order fields appear when viewing each user profile
  • Adds the ability to save an individual event to PDF
  • Report tables are now horizontally scrollable when there are too many columns to display on the page at once
  • The login process is now handled by our new authentication service


  • Resolved a problem which sometimes resulted in an event containing goals incorrectly showing the close goals action button 

  • Dashboard tile an overview of all your goals now uses the first defined period when all goals within a set are allocated to a period

  • Fixed a problem which could cause the spacing between headings and descriptive text elements in an event to be removed

  • Fixed a problem which could result in goals showing no progress when counting number of links across targets

  • Fixed a problem which could result in the timeline owner not being able to retract an event if sections have been skipped

  • Fixed a problem which could cause some MSF reports to not display properly within an event

  • Added a warning within a multi source event type section if timeline owner is selected as a role responsible for this section. This is to indicate that timeline owners cannot be invited to complete a multi source section

  • Fixed a problem preventing users from being able to edit date occurred and end date fields when editing the first section of an event

  • Faqs are now called FAQs

  • Prevented Headings from appearing twice when across a page break when exporting a report to PDF

  • Goal tiles on the dashboard now show a progress value for a goal which contains a mix of targets with achievements and open targets

  • Fixed a problem which could result in a mandatory field not being displayed to users completing a response directly from their email invitation


Release date: 19 May 2020


  • Reports embedded within event types now display the version number
  • When viewing another user’s timeline ‘Your to do list for this user’ now automatically updates upon event submission
  • Goals with no achievement targets set now display progress as simple number values or event links
  • Event type editor now displays a warning when a field upon which another field is dependent for visibility has been removed
  • New report filter event owner visible because of my role as
  • New events report filter role of event owner
  • Length of text for chart labels is now increased for better legibility 
  • Event owners can now retract MSF invitations
  • It is now possible to approve your own responses from the pending sections area if you have the correct permissions

Bug fixes

  • All goal overview tile now correctly displays all when there is no limit set
  • Restricted blueprints now display in the correct order when featured inside an event
  • Information on how a target calculates progress should now always be visible in the information popup
  • Logging out whilst on the create new event screen no longer shows an error
  • Fixed an incorrect method of calculation of goal progress in reports
  • Drafts can now no longer be submitted if the user does not have the permission to create events


Release date: 6 April 2020



  • Reports downloaded to CSV now generate in the background which brings the ability to download a report of any size
  • Reports can be saved to PDF
  • Adds the ability to choose the number of rows displayed on a page when running a report
  • Adds the ability to hide a report if it contains no data
  • New all fields report output property to simplify the process of displaying all event content
  • Individual blueprint elements can now be selected as report output properties
  • New specific user report filter to allow you to show results for the current user
  • New goal progress report output property within events reports
  • New yes/no metric aggregation type to indicate the presence or absence of a result
  • Report previews now include user overridable fields 
  • New WYSIWYG editor for adding rich text. This brings the ability to choose font size, colour and alignment
  • New role specific edit selector for individual event sections
  • Tweaked the wording within notification emails

Bug fixes

  • Blueprints now no longer appear in the reports dropdown if not set as taggable but are relation restricted 
  • Corrected suggested events for goal targets 
  • Prevented overdue goal message when goal set is closed 
  • Fixed data stores causing 500 errors with Safari 


Release date: 14 February 2020


This release improves speed and responsiveness in a number of areas across the application. Kaizen now requires less data to be downloaded by a browser in order to operate which means quicker load times for users. The following areas are examples of where these improvements will affect:

  • Loading events on the Timeline
  • Searching the Timeline
  • Viewing the To Do list
  • Opening the Create New Event screen
  • Viewing the Goals list
  • Viewing the list of Event Types
  • Loading the dashboard
  • Linking to targets

Other improvements include:

  • Better clarity when filling in a form. Fields are now shown within a box rather than underlined in order to give the user much better indication of where their input is required. Different types of field are now distinguished by their relevant symbol.
  • When submitting a new event the user will be returned to the application once their response has been fully processed so as to always display the correct status of the event. 
  • When retracting an invitation the timeline now updates automatically to reflect the correct status of the event
  • Timeline search is now simplified to free text search only. Filtering by Event Type can now be found within the advanced search tile.
  • User fields are now available from within the advanced search tile on the Users list.
  • Filtering by state is now found within the advanced search tile
  • Report templates now display the version(s) of the Event Type(s) where the template is embedded.
  • Blueprints now display the Event Type(s) and version(s) within which they are used.
  • User names and avatars are now clickable within events in order to navigate to that user's portfolio directly.

Bug fixes

  • Event descriptions are now shown on quick fill forms accessed from email invitations
  • Multiple existing events can be linked to a target 
  • Duplicate event type output property in the report templates has been removed
  • Creating a duplicate of an event type no longer prints the created timestamp twice
  • Content restrictions are now also copied across as part of duplicating a role
  • Blueprint coverage dashboard tiles are now ordered correctly


Release date: 19 November 2019


  • Targets are now collapsed by default when creating and editing goals in order to better handle larger goal sets


Release date: 24 September 2019



Release date: 9 July 2019


Bug fixes and improvements

  • Added the ability to change the title of the submit button 
  • User fields can now be aggregated within reports
  • Timeline advanced search now uses the date occurred of the event for the date after and date before filters


Release date: 18 June 2019

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Limit goal progress to 100% to prevent a goal showing as complete when not all targets beneath it have been completed
  • Removed some wording in the information sidebar cards on the goals page