Better signposting of what types of data are being asked for in each form.


Provide better indication to users as to what kind of data is being captured in each field; drop downs, free text, dates etc.

Fields will also have the capability to take up less screen space so that we can fit more than one field on a line at one time. For example, the date occurred and end date fields on every event will be on a single line (screen size permitting).

Mandatory fields that are not filled in will have better highlighting and users will be directed to the position on the form where they are missing a response if they try and submit.


Narasimha Subbaraya says:
Monday, 5 December 2016, 8.39 am

Hi, some of the free text boxes such as the 'will reflect' display only one line at at time. Would it be possible to increase the space for the free text input area, please?
Thank you.

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