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  • Multi source responses can now be removed from an event. 
  • Added more information cards to different areas of the application
  • Changed bulk tagging from an action button to a link
  • Updated invitation field on events. There is now just one field that can be used for both internal and external invitations.
  • Implemented permissions to cover commenting on events
  • The event owner now receives an email if someone else marks or comments on one of their goals


Bug fixes

  • Increase db size to 50MB to make iOS happier 
  • Convert date formats on report outputs to UK
  • Fix for announcement notifications appearing when viewing someone else's profile page
  • Fixed styles in the navbar
  • Add audit log entry even when commenting on own event 
  • Fixed documents not showing on event sections 
  • Show 'invited' badge on MSF even if 0 
  • Separated suggested and further targets on the goal linking sidebar card