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  • Reports downloaded to CSV now generate in the background which brings the ability to download a report of any size
  • Reports can be saved to PDF
  • Adds the ability to choose the number of rows displayed on a page when running a report
  • Adds the ability to hide a report if it contains no data
  • New all fields report output property to simplify the process of displaying all event content
  • Individual blueprint elements can now be selected as report output properties
  • New specific user report filter to allow you to show results for the current user
  • New goal progress report output property within events reports
  • New yes/no metric aggregation type to indicate the presence or absence of a result
  • Report previews now include user overridable fields 
  • New WYSIWYG editor for adding rich text. This brings the ability to choose font size, colour and alignment
  • New role specific edit selector for individual event sections
  • Tweaked the wording within notification emails

Bug fixes

  • Blueprints now no longer appear in the reports dropdown if not set as taggable but are relation restricted 
  • Corrected suggested events for goal targets 
  • Prevented overdue goal message when goal set is closed 
  • Fixed data stores causing 500 errors with Safari