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This release improves speed and responsiveness in a number of areas across the application. Kaizen now requires less data to be downloaded by a browser in order to operate which means quicker load times for users. The following areas are examples of where these improvements will affect:

  • Loading events on the Timeline
  • Searching the Timeline
  • Viewing the To Do list
  • Opening the Create New Event screen
  • Viewing the Goals list
  • Viewing the list of Event Types
  • Loading the dashboard
  • Linking to targets

Other improvements include:

  • Better clarity when filling in a form. Fields are now shown within a box rather than underlined in order to give the user much better indication of where their input is required. Different types of field are now distinguished by their relevant symbol.
  • When submitting a new event the user will be returned to the application once their response has been fully processed so as to always display the correct status of the event. 
  • When retracting an invitation the timeline now updates automatically to reflect the correct status of the event
  • Timeline search is now simplified to free text search only. Filtering by Event Type can now be found within the advanced search tile.
  • User fields are now available from within the advanced search tile on the Users list.
  • Filtering by state is now found within the advanced search tile
  • Report templates now display the version(s) of the Event Type(s) where the template is embedded.
  • Blueprints now display the Event Type(s) and version(s) within which they are used.
  • User names and avatars are now clickable within events in order to navigate to that user's portfolio directly.

Bug fixes

  • Event descriptions are now shown on quick fill forms accessed from email invitations
  • Multiple existing events can be linked to a target 
  • Duplicate event type output property in the report templates has been removed
  • Creating a duplicate of an event type no longer prints the created timestamp twice
  • Content restrictions are now also copied across as part of duplicating a role
  • Blueprint coverage dashboard tiles are now ordered correctly