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Bug fixes and improvements

  • New email invitations
  • New quick fill forms for responding to an invitation direct from an email
  • New pending sections area to approve/reject/edit responses
  • Event types and report templates can now be duplicated. This opens a brand new draft with all the same content ready to be edited
  • Events can now be edited per section rather than overall. The 'edit' button therefore appears when viewing the event and not directly on the timeline
  • Saved drafts now appear both on your own timeline and the timeline of the person for whom you are creating for
  • New and improved document area
  • Relation information shown in profile tiles now links directly to the event which created it
  • Invitations can now be rejected directly from your to do list
  • New 'my connections' tile to display other users you can view
  • New 'text' tile to display formatted text and embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • When viewing other peoples' goals we now display whether any events are private or have been deleted since they were linked
  • Experimental and offline settings have now been removed. These will be added back in for the next major release.
  • Timeline data loads first before advanced search to speed up loading
  • Improve detail of error outputs when uploading CSV of responses
  • New role 'organisation admin' which can be assigned to users needing full administration permissions for your organisation
  • Kaizen logo is now clickable to quickly return to the dashboard
  • Improved event workflows to increase reliability and speed of sending invitations
  • New audit log styles to improve legibility
  • When viewing events any empty fields are not displayed
  • New login screen to