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This adds some important improvements to the existing report generator functionality.

Users can now be given the ability to view the content of individual events that are contained within a report output. This can be viewed by clicking a hyperlink in the table which then displays in a popup.

There is a new option to add a graph when building a report template (optional). After selecting a graph type you can then select which data from the report output should be displayed here.

Reports can be featured on users' dashboards. If the report features a graph then this can be the default display with the option to click through directly from the tile to see the full report output.

Coverage reports are now completely separate to report templates. Any blueprints which a user should view the coverage of (e.g. curriculum) are automatically shown beneath the reports drop down from the top menu bar, rather than in the reports list themselves. Only the blueprints which are restricted by relation are shown here so that users always see what is currently relevant to them. All previous blueprints that they were able to tag against are still visible and are accessed from the new profile and summary page.