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  • Improve goal layout to include information on whether it has been closed or not
  • Improve layout and styles of event previews 
  • Improve layout of the file browser when attaching files to events
  • Report description is always shown to end users running the report
  • Improve the layout of the a report input fields
  • Dashboards can now be edited for the whole organisation
  • Added order by created date on users list 
  • Reports can now be featured as tiles on the dashboard
  • Added manage timelines feature to set which events appear in which timeline category
  • Add Inbox dashboard tile in order to show announcements to users
  • Multiple blueprints can now be selected when restricting by relation
  • Add search to bulk tagging 
  • Add WYSIWYG editor 
  • Add blueprint coverage dashboard tile
  • Add new profile dashboard tile to show current, previous and future information
  • New profile and summary page for each user 
  • Columns are now scrolled independently when viewing coverage
  • Blueprint coverages are now featured in the reports dropdown
  • Blueprints can now be set as taggable by everyone, no-one or only those who are restricted by relation