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Judith Ellis says:
Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 12.27 pm

Please put the ST year in the trainee's profile and also if they work LTFT and what % - having to search for jobs and then go into them is time consuming. Also please allow all jobs to be searched and listed in a table like the old eportfolio system with ST year and dates, as when working out CCT dates this is important.

Chloe dempsey says:
Saturday, 14 January 2017, 10.36 am

January 2017

Jenny is a great senior registrar. She is professional, hard working and has great skill and is very precise when carrying out procedures in the clinical area.
She is very knowledge, approachable and works very well in stressful situations and under pressure. Jenny works well as part of a team and also individually.

Jenny's attitude towards her work and towards patients, families and staff is always very positive and enthusiastic.

In our neonatal unit there is quite a variety of babies that we have and that require intensive care treatment, Jenny shows a relaxed caring approach that is needed in such a stressful environment.

Jenny is very supportive of decision making and intervention planning with nursing staff for patients.

Jenny has showed empathy and compassion during some dark an sad times on the unit for staff when babies have died.

Jenny is friendly and approachable and easy to build up a rapport with.

Jenny will go on to make a great consultant one day and she will be very much missed from Liverpool Women's NICU

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