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Winter 2016


Bug fixes and improvements

  • New tree style layout for tags. This allows the levels to be expanded in place rather than navigating down and up through the individual levels.
  • Re-styled widget on the dashboard to allow quick creation of new events. If you have permissions to create for other people then you will see the option to search for the person you wish to create for directly on the dashboard itself. This saves having to navigate to the users list and add a new event from there.
  • Start date and end date selectors when creating new events are now separate again.
  • User fields can now be set to be locked. This prevents users from changing the value assigned in that field even if they can edit their own profile.
  • User fields can now be set to appear on the users list against each record and are all searchable.
  • Speed improvements to using advanced search.
  • New option to select 'anonymous external user' within event types to gather feedback anonymously. 
  • New administration area for approving/rejecting anonymous responses.
  • New import CSV option for uploading anonymous responses.
  • Improvements to event type searching on timelines. All event types will now be displayed in the resulting pop up if searching within a timeline category so that you know which events are contained there.
  • When creating Likert fields in event types the values can now be left empty if you wish to exclude that response from reporting.