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Autumn release


Bug fixes and improvements

  • New widget options for the dashboard to quickly create a new event, see an overview of all your goals, and all the detail on one goal set
  • Added form error card to event form. This will display any mandatory fields that have not been completed
  • Restyled new event screen to reduce the amount of space taken. Discard Last Changes button has been replaced by Cancel.
  • Hide unnecessary information for mobile view to give a cleaner experience
  • Do not clear organisation on logout which will mean users always see their organisation login page by default the next time they return
  • Added date to advanced search 
  • A to do item connected to an obsolete event can now be removed immediately by the end user 
  • Implemented advanced search card 
  • Added further customisation and layout options to dashboard
  • Added sidebar cards to provide contextual information and help
  • Added bookmark card so that users can quickly save a search for one click access
  • Added new event button on other users' timelines so you can create an event directly from there and not only from the users list
  • Added feedback button 
  • Added highlighting to event timelines to display why search results have been returned
  • The default order is first name on users list 
  • Improved display of the users list to provide quick access to action buttons
  • Added a remote profile bar to indicate when you are viewing another user's portfolio
  • Added free text searching to all lists
  • Simplified the timeline display
  • Added a message at the end of lists to indicate there are no more items to load