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Summer release


Bug fixes and improvements

  • Relations now have the capability to be multi select; when adding a relation to an event type section you can set whether the user filling this in can only select one entry or many.
  • Blueprints can now be set to be freely tag-able by users or limited to admin use only. This enables event types to be pre-tagged with a blueprint but users to not add their own tags.
  • When creating a new event the 'Date occurred on' and 'End date' are now pre-populated to today's date.
  • It is now possible to click through directly to a user's timeline by clicking on their name from within any log event on your timeline.
  • Improvements to the styling when using the browser to print a page as PDF.
  • Improvements to 'Full text search' on the timeline view.
  • When inviting a user to fill out the next section of an event the email address is now validated so that it is not possible to submit if the email format is not valid.
  • New button and text colours to make things more legible.
  • Event types that are draft, published and archived are now all consolidated into one list, sorted alphabetically.