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To allow certain users/roles to edit just the sections that they completed in the form workflow.


Each individual section of a form will have an option "Completed section editable by the section author after publishing". If selected as yes this will give the person who completed that particular section the ability to return to it and edit it ONLY once the entire form is published and complete.

The individual users who have authored a section of a particular event where their section was marked as edit-able will be able to return and edit that section. *This is not in any way related to "Edit completed event" permission, which gives overarching permissions to edit all sections of a form, irrespective of the author.

The global permission to be renamed so that it is clear that it allows you to edit any completed event no matter what is specified in sections editables - i.e. "Edit all sections of any completed event of other users"

Any time a completed event is modified to record what exactly has changed so the admins can track it. This information should be printed in the audit log of the event.