Spring release 2016


Further bug fixes and improvements

  • Speed improvements to form views
  • Speed improvements to loading of dashboard widgets
  • Speed improvements to loading of timeline after first initial login
  • Spelling fix of 'occurred' on timeline view
  • Display both Start Date and Created Date on timeline by default on all events
  • Enable 'fill in on same device' toggle only if the following section is not multi source 
  • Added warning when turning off 'fill in on same device' toggle if data has been entered into that following section already 
  • Event preview synced with normal view to eliminate duplicates appearing
  • Hide completed to dos from the to do list so that only incomplete/overdue are now displayed there
  • Added experimental optimise data settings [BETA]
  • Hide deleted documents from the timeline and discount any tags which were applied to that event
  • Hide search form on timeline navigation tree (to be replaced in future with global text search that will search the entire timeline)
  • Loading of timeline is chronological - fixes issue where events appeared to be shown out of order
  • Simple forms - remove redirection to the old browser landing page when clicking on an email invitation link using IE8
  • Updated permissions for deleting of comments so that users with given permissions can now delete all comments across the application
  • Fixed new user reviewing if there are multiple events pending review
  • Fix date picker input triggering on swipes - fixes issue on mobile devices where the calendar popup would display unexpectedly when scrolling
  • Fix cursor when hovering over top link with no sublinks in header menu
  • Renamed Todos to 'To do list"
  • Empty to do list wording changed 
  • Added loading indicator on pressing invite
  • Add Blueprint-dependent tag counts on the timeline 
  • Add UI for blueprint settings - whether to display on timelines or not, and to display percentage or a simple count of the number of tags
  • Preserve the tree location when switching between bulk tagging and regular filtering views
  • Change button text to 'Show events' on the navigation tree 
  • Add info message to the top of the Dropzone to better describe the process for uploading documents