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RCPCH specific integration feature to display user exam results on timelines. This does not affect any other organisations and their users of the system.


Exam results are stored by the RCPCH within their local database. This piece of work is to pull in information on each trainee and display the information on each user's timeline. The database will be queried whenever any changes are detected so that new results can be added and all previous attempts hidden when the full MRCPCH is passed.


AS A User I WANT TO see each exam attempt and then my exam results displayed on my timeline as a public event ONLY up until the point that I pass the full MRCPCH SO THAT I have a public record of all my exam attempts

AS A User I WANT TO have all my previous exam results and attempts marked as private on my timeline when I pass the full MRCPCH SO THAT other users can only see the fact that I have passed the MRCPCH and not how many attempts it took, or the individual results

AS A User I WANT TO still retain all my previous exam results and attempts that I have ever taken as private events on my timeline SO THAT only I can view this information