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Report templates can be embedded into event types


This is the first stage of the report generator functionality. This brings the ability to feature a report template within a section of an event type that is produced when the event is added onto a timeline. For now this is limited to just hard coded reports that we at Fry produce. Further functionality will be added to allow the ability to create your own templates and then feature those within the event types.


AS AN Admin user I WANT TO have the ability to select a pre-existing report template to appear inside a section when creating an event type SO THAT I can allow reports to be generated during the process of creating events on timelines

AS A User I WANT TO see a REPORT field on an event section as a variable form SO THAT I can fill in any specific data for this event if there are any user definable parameters within this template

AS A User I WANT TO click Generate or Update if already generated to produce and display the report even on the edit form SO THAT I can see it before it is submitted

AS A User I WANT TO see the generated report embedded on the event view page SO THAT I can access all the relevant information

AS A User I WANT TO see the date and time that a report was generated printed on the event SO THAT I know exactly when that data was produced

AS AN Admin user I WANT THE report templates to be version controlled SO THAT published report templates cannot be deleted or edited in order to prevent problems occurring later during editing of reports inside events

AS A User I WANT TO be able to re-generate reports within a section I have the permissions to edit BUT I will not be able to see the previous version of a generated report once this has been re-submitted