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  • Auto Save

    All form entries and comments are saved during editing so that these drafts can be easily resumed in the event of any browser failure.

  • Embedded reports

    This is the first stage of the report generator functionality. This brings the ability to feature a report template within a section of an event type that is produced when the event is added onto a timeline. For now this is limited to just hard coded reports that we at Fry produce. Further functionality will be added to allow the ability to create your own templates and then feature those within the event types.

  • Exam results

    Exam results are stored by the RCPCH within their local database. This piece of work is to pull in information on each trainee and display the information on each user's timeline. The database will be queried whenever any changes are detected so that new results can be added and all previous attempts hidden when the full MRCPCH is passed.

  • Timeline Design Improvements


    To condense the view of the events so that the timeline can fit more information on it without needing to scroll as much. Events that you complete for someone else will be visually separated from you own events and it will be clear when filters are active with one click to remove them.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Profile views have now been properly implemented. Clicking on 'My profile' will display a view of your details with further options to edit if you have the correct permissions allocated
  • Timeline filters are now single select 
  • A status banner is now displayed whenever any filter is active on a timeline or users list with the option to remove all 
  • New dashboard widget linking to the Kaizen development roadmap
  • Removed 'back' button when viewing another user's timeline which was causing confusion 
  • Confirmation messages are now displayed when successfully submitting any comment, attachment or tag to an event
  • Information text inside the invitation emails for reminders has been updated 
  • Remove required option for boolean fields which was causing issues trying to submit forms with the boolean set to 'no'