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Bug fixes and improvements

  • Do not allow duplicates in event invite 
  • When uploading a new document during attachment to an event it now automatically links to the event after it's uploaded 
  • Improve caching of timeline navigation to make the filter aggregate numbers update more reliably
  • Added "Clear cache" to settings page in case of emergency
  • When viewing the timeline of someone else: private documents now have explanatory text on them to indicate why they are not visible
  • Update the status text on an event when a brand new user has submitted their response and is waiting for approval
  • Registration for new users: remove number validation for AHP number 
  • Registration for new users: remove number validation for NMC number 
  • Registration for new users: move any form error messages to the top of the form so users are clear why they cannot proceed
  • Simple web forms: selecting a dropdown with a dependent field now reloads the page to the same point rather than taking the user back to the top