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A guide to using Kaizen HQ

Product Roadmap Section

The Product Roadmap section is where all feature and version details are stored, there are 3 subsections:

1. Release Notes

When new versions of Kaizen have been released they will be detailed in this section of the roadmap.  You will be able to see the details of what is included in the version

2. Upcoming Versions

Kaizen is continually being developed and is updated periodically in versions.  Each of these versions contains a number of new features, improvements and/or bug fixes.  Within this section of the roadmap you will be able to see what versions are planned for development, what is included within them, and when they are scheduled for live release.

3. Feature Suggestions

When new features are submitted to KaizenHQ they appear in this section where they are filtered and tagged as follows:

  • New: Submitted feature has not yet been reviewed by the Kaizen team.
  • Accepted: We think that the feature is suitable for Kaizen and will investigate the implementation options further.
  • Postponed: The feature is suitable, but not just yet.
  • Cancelled: The feature is not appropriate for the Kaizen system. (n.b - cancelled requests will no longer show up in the backlog, but they will appear in search results)

Submitting Feature Suggestions

All logged in users are able to submit features to us for consideration.  You can do this by using the 'submit a feature' button on the homepage.  This will link you through to a feature creation page where you can provide a description of the feature that you would like to request.

Before submitting a feature request you can use the search facility on the Feature Suggestion to check if a similar feature has already been submitted.  If it has then you can add comments to that feature to add your details into it.


Commenting for logged in users is available on all feature pages and news items.  You can either create a new comment or reply to an existing comment. 


Users will receive email notifications and, in some instances, system notifications for the following:

  • Commenting: you will be notified if another user of the KaizenHQ team respond to a comment that you have made on a news item or a feature page (you can opt out of this when adding your comment should you wish)
  • News: when a new piece of Kaizen news is published you will receive a link to the item.
  • Releases: when a new version is deployed to Kaizen you will be notified of the changes that have been included.